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Social Distancing Barrier

Solutions for New Orleans

Designed for Safe Interaction

32" x 24" vertical or horizontal guard. With a custom cutout, payment or merchandise can be easily slid through the bottom opening while still having a barrier at face level. 

Open Office

This is an example of an open office solution we created for Shell

Uptown New Orleans JCC

Semi-custom barriers designed for the New Orleans JCC entrance and fitness center. Our guards are lasercut from clear acrylic so they have a professional, sleek appearance.

Tulane University

Custom Guards for the Reily Recreation Center front desk.


The University of Holy Cross Food Science Deparment needed a way yo allow students to work in thier test kitchen while staying distanced

Hanging Guard

This hanging guard allows la library to seprate computer carols and maximize use by students

Back Office Operations

Hospitality Enterprises has extensive offices in New Orleans. In order to protect their office staff, they have implemented sneeze guards at each employee's personal desk.

Semi-Custom Restaurant Solution

Slim Goodies Diner had us install barriers between each booth so that they could increase customer capacity while maintaining safe precautions.

Modular Screen

A chain of 32" x 24" plexiglass guards at the Junction Bar and Grill with cutouts for passing drinks and food through.

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