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Sneezeguard Info and Sizing

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, we have begun manufacturing plexiglass sneeze guards to help keep our communities safe. Our sneezeguards are laser cut out of clear plexiglass acrylic and can be easily assembled on desks, counter tops, bars, etc. to help protect your employees. We hope these guards help you to reopen your businesses while maintaining proper safety protocol.

Businesses that can benefit from our sneezeguards:

Restaurants | Laundromats | Retail Stores | Checkout Counters | Grocery Stores | Mini Marts | Convenience Stores | Offices | Dentists | Insurance Agencies | Bars | Coffee Shops | Bakeries | Tourist Operations | Airport Counters


How to choose the correct size sneezguard:
Sneezeguards should create a barrier between the customer and the worker. Ideally, the social distancing sneezeguard barrier should be placed so that it separates the faces of the people who will be interacting. The height of the surface that it is placed on should determine the height of the sneeze guard you will need. For instance, if it is an office desk where the employee is usually in a seated position, then the 18" barrier height might be sufficient, however at a standing desk that might be too small. Multiple barriers strung together can be used to increase the width of protection.
How to choose the mounting options: 
We offer stock and semi-custom sneezeguards that are freestanding. These are useful in that they can be deployed and removed rapidly. A downside to a freestanding barrier is that it may not be as secure as a mounted barrier. 
Permanent solutions are also great and make sense for many locations, as they will need to be in place for extended periods of time. Contact us to learn about how we can create a custom solution.  

Want to learn more? Here is a collection of recent media about sneeze guards:

Today Show
Sneeze guards are large shields made of plexiglass that create a physical barrier between people. Social distancing mandates that people stand at least 6 feet away, but completing a financial transaction from a distance makes this nearly impossible. The sneeze guards help protect both cashiers and customers in the event that someone sneezes, coughs or even spits a little while speaking.
One-way aisles, advanced cleaning tech and employee temperature-taking have transformed the retail landscape—perhaps permanently.
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